Photo courtesy of Toyota.

Photo courtesy of Toyota.

Sales for the Toyota Mirai in California have surpassed the 3,000 mark, and now make up more than 80% of all hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in the U.S.

The Mirai offers an EPA estimated driving range rating of 312 miles and 67 mpge city/highway/combined, according to the automaker. The Mirai has a refueling time of approximately five minutes.

Approximately 31 retail hydrogen stations are now open for business in California, with an additional 12 stations projected to open in the state later in 2018, said Toyota. The automaker is partnering with FirstElement Fuels and Shell to support further hydrogen infrastructure, and is collaborating with Air Liquide to set up a network of 12 hydrogen fueling stations stretching from New York to Boston, with the first station expected to launch in Boston later this year.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet