Alliance AutoGas has converted more than 7,400 vehicles to run on cleaner-burning, affordable, domestically-produced propane autogas with bi-fuel systems used by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and FCA to convert shuttles, vans, trucks, buses and taxis.

In 2014, Alliance members collectively displaced 32 million gallons of gasoline and produced $45 million in fuel cost savings for the 460 fleets they service.

“We choose our platforms based on customer demand," says Ed Hoffman, President of Blossman Services Inc., the equipment distributor for Alliance AutoGas. "The bi-fuel system gives the end user both unlimited vehicle customization and unlimited range, and our EPA certified engineered fuel systems maintain the full OEM Factory warranty in addition to our warranty support up to 5 years and 100,000 miles."

Since 2013, Alliance AutoGas has received over 100 EPA certifications to convert domestic manufacturer vehicles to propane autogas.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet