SAN FRANCISCO – FedEx uses 48,000 vehicles globally to deliver, as well as another 30,000 vehicles at its airport operations, according to the Web site The company is saving fuel because the average package weighs less now than in the past. This fact has allowed FedEx to expand its deployment of Sprinter Vans, and reduce its need for the larger 16,000 pound (GVWR) vans.

FedEx is also investing in hybrid, alt-fuel, and electric vehicles. Its hybrids have accumulated more than 1,000,000 miles in revenue service; 100 diesel hybrids are in service globally, primarily in the United States; and 75 more hybrids will be added in 2008. The hybrids garner a 42-percent improvement in fuel economy.

FedEx is also utilizing 48 FedEx Sprinter hybrids in N.Y. Also, 10 Iveco diesels in Milan will be used in a van similar in size to the Sprinter. Also being hybridized are the traditional FedEx 16,000 pound vans with a cargo capacity of approximately 670 cubic feet. Eaton’s hybrid electric powertrain has been placed in the standard white FedEx Express W700 delivery truck, which utilizes a Freightliner chassis and an Utilimaster body. 

FedEx would like to move toward more fuel-efficient four-cylinder diesel hybrids, but it may not see an EPA approval or waiver until 2011. Until then, FedEx will forge ahead with the less fuel-efficient six-cylinder diesels, according to

Currently, FedEx Freight is actively testing hydrogen fuel cell forklifts, hybrid electric Class 7 trucks, and alternative fuels.