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EV Battery Development to Drive Adoption

Other points in the study included the observation that Tesla leads all other brands in terms of...

Overall vehicle costs and perceptions of battery lifespan regarding battery-electric vehicles are some of the biggest barriers to EV adoption for dealers and consumers according to a report by Cox Automotive on the path to EV adoption, which also reflects trending fleet perceptions of the segment.


Tips to Managing EV Range in Winter

The Gunnison County Electric Association regularly runs its Nissan Leaf during the winter at an...

With range reductions of up to 40% in subzero conditions, electric vehicle batteries need special care in winter. The operator of this small fleet in the mountains of Colorado knows from experience.


GM Announces 2020-MY Fleet-Only Options

GM is offering a detailed ordering guide for fleets for its 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD...

General Motors will offer plenty of optional equipment and features for its commercial fleet buyers in its 2020-model-year lineup, including its next-generation Chevrolet Silverado HD (2500 and 3500) pickups.

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