Photo courtesy of ROUSH CleanTech.

Photo courtesy of ROUSH CleanTech.

With oil and gasoline prices plummeting, is interest in alternative fuels nose-diving, too? Not according to what I experienced at the Green Truck Summit early this month.

With educational sessions, intensive seminars and talks by industry experts and early adopter fleet managers, the Green Truck Summit underlines what we at ROUSH CleanTech already know: Alternative fuels are here to stay.

Savvy fleet managers know that we live in a world filled with instability, where oil and gas prices rise and fall continuously. Fleets that switch to propane autogas are able to count on a domestically produced fuel that typically costs much less than diesel or gasoline.

Our business has never been stronger.

At the summit — held in conjunction with the NTEA Work Truck Show — Nestle Waters North America unveiled 155 more propane autogas vehicles to deliver beverages across the nation. And, Bimbo Bakeries USA introduced its propane autogas fleet of 84 delivery trucks in three major markets. 

Speaking as part of a Future of Fuels panel at the summit, I offered show attendees news on how private business can satisfy today’s fleet market needs with technology. The other panelists and I fielded questions on how the green revolution affects working trucks.

So here’s your fuel for thought: Staying alert to shifts in our industry helps us all serve our customers better.

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Joe Thompson

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