Courtesy of the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition

Courtesy of the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition

The Illinois Soybean Association’s (ISA) B20 Club announced its sponsorship of the Chicago Area Clean Cities coalition (CACC) to promote the benefits of biodiesel.

The B20 Club is promoting the use of the alternative fuel for its environmental, economic, and sustainable benefits for the state of Illinois through the support of the CACC, according to the coalition.

The club is funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff, a commodity program that invests funds from soybean producers in market development, research, and educational programs.

“By promoting biodiesel’s benefits through CACC, we can play a greater role in reducing our state’s carbon footprint and supporting local economies,” says Gary Berg, ISA Director from St. Elmo, Ill. “Furthermore, increased biodiesel consumption supports Illinois farmers by creating more demand for soybean oil, which ultimately builds a more sustainable future for Illinois.”

The club’s annual reduction in CO2 emissions is the equivalent of planting 10,638 trees, says CACC.