LeasePlan Corp. has committed to achieving net zero emissions from its total fleet by 2030, in support of the implementation of the Paris Agreement and climate-related Sustainable Development Goals.

The fleet management company has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in an effort to achieve its commitment, LeasePlan announced. The company’s objective is to create healthier environments by promoting cleaner, low-emission vehicles, and the infrastructure required to make these cars a viable option.

Logo: LeasePlan

Logo: LeasePlan

Key elements in LeasePlan’s sustainability strategy include educating customers on making the switch to low-emission vehicles, facilitating the uptake of low-emission vehicles, and transitioning LeasePlan’s own employee fleet to an electric vehicle fleet by 2021.

“Our ambition is to achieve net zero emissions from our total fleet by 2030. We are confident that this can be achieved, but we can’t do this on our own: we need to work together with stakeholders from all sectors. We’re therefore delighted to join the WBCSD and look forward to exploring innovative sustainable development solutions together with our partners in the WBCSD network,” said LeasePlan CEO Tex Gunning.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet