Petroleum Solutions, Inc. (PSI) has partnered with ChargePoint to expand its offerings in the traditional fueling market for fleets by introducing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The Texas-based provider of fueling equipment and services is a full service provider for the petroleum equipment industry in Texas. The EV charging stations sold and installed by PSI will be part of the ChargePoint network, the company said in a release.

PSI works on both small and large scale construction, installation and repair projects, focusing on retail, private and municipal fueling facilities, the company said in a release. The company’s offerings also include electrical contracting services and will continue to do so operating under the DBA, PSI Energy Solutions.  PSI Energy Solutions will combine their existing electrical services, lighting solutions and fuel generator systems alongside EV charging stations.

“Through our partnership with ChargePoint, PSI Energy Solutions will help our convenience store and fleet customers expand the infrastructure for a new form of energy distribution,” said PSI President, Mark Barron.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet