Photo courtesy of Propel.

Photo courtesy of Propel.

Propel Fuels has made its Diesel HPR renewable diesel fuel available at a station in Hayward, Calif., the fuel retailer announced.

Now available at the 880 Food Mart & Gas station at 391 West A St., Diesel HPR is a low-carbon renewable fuel that meets the petroleum diesel specifications for use in all diesel vehicles while improving engine performance and lowering emissions, according to Propel.

The Hayward station has eight Diesel HPR pumps for use by light trucks and passenger cars, and high-flow pumps for heavy-duty trucks.

Diesel HPR reduces NOx air emissions by 14 percent, particulates by 34 percent, and greenhouse gas (GHG) lifecycle emissions by up to 80 percent compared to petroleum-based diesel, Propel said

The renewable diesel is now offered at 32 locations across California. In Diesel HPR’s first six months of sales in Northern California, Propel has seen a 300-percent increase in gallons sold compared to its former biodiesel product (B20), the company added.

Originally posted on Trucking Info