Photo courtesy of City of Tampa.

Photo courtesy of City of Tampa.

The Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition (TBCCC) held Tampa Bay’s first ever propane fuel event on Feb. 4. Hosted by the City of Tampa fleet maintenance facility, the luncheon gathered 60 TBCCC members and industry stakeholders from the public and private sectors for an informational session on propane fuel.

Two city officials welcomed the group, including Daryl Stewart, chief of operations for the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Management, and Tim Perry, fleet manager.

“The City of Tampa and the Solid Waste Department believe that alternative fuels are not just cost effective for business, but also just the right thing to do,” said Stewart. “With over 137 vehicles and growing, we realized it’s time we determine our own destiny. This is why we are dedicated to our partnership with the TBCCC.”

The event included vehicle and equipment, information about rebates, and guest speakers talking about different aspects of propane use in business.

For more information, about the event, click here.

Originally posted on Government Fleet