Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters, a Midwest coffee company, is switching two Ford E-250 vans to propane autogas to reduce its fleet’s environmental impact with the help of Charter Fuels, a partner in the Alliance AutoGas network. Running the delivery vehicles on autogas will displace approximately 6,667 gallons of gasoline annually, while saving more than $5,000 in fuel costs for each vehicle, according to the company.

“Berres Brothers is committed to leading the coffee roasting industry in Wisconsin and the Midwest in environmental responsibility,” said Greg Beranek of Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters. “We’re converting fleet vehicles to propane autogas because it’s significantly cleaner than gasoline, while also being cost-effective to implement. We plan to switch additional vehicles to autogas as older ones retire to continue improving the air quality in our local communities.”

Berres Brothersis the first coffee company in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier Program, which recognizes and rewards organizations dedicated to superior environmental performance. Lancaster-based propane retailer Charter Fuels is coordinating vehicle conversions, fueling, staff training, and support for the Berres Brothers fleet as part of the Alliance AutoGas network.

“Not only will Berres Brothers save around $10,000 in fuel costs with these two autogas vans over the next year, their savings will be even greater with the newly re-instated 50-cents-per-gallon federal alternative fuel tax credit,” said Josh Budworth of Charter Fuels. “We already have autogas fueling infrastructure in place for Berres Brothers, and will continue working with them to convert the rest of their 10-vehicle fleet.”

Alliance AutoGas is a network of clean fuel providers and certified conversion centers that delivers a complete program to switch fleets to propane autogas, including vehicle conversions, fuel supply and fuel station installation, data integration for fuel management systems, operational and safety training, and ongoing technical support. Charter Fuels works with public and private fleets across the state of Wisconsin to achieve immediate fuel cost savings with autogas.