SNOHOMISH, WA -- Snohomish County announced it has partnered with General Biodiesel and PetroCard to increase options for renewable energy sources to fuel county fleet vehicles.

Under the agreement, Snohomish County’s fleet management division will have access to a higher blend of locally sourced and refined biodiesel at local PetroCard fuel stations. The biodiesel will come from General Biodiesel, which produces low-carbon biodiesel refined from recycled cooking oil from the region’s food-service businesses. These include nearly 150 local restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums, corporate campuses, hotels and more.

The agreement specifies the use of canola farmed and pressed in Snohomish County. General Biodiesel, in addition to providing Snohomish County and PetroCard biodiesel derived from renewable and recycled feedstocks, has used more than 650 gallons of canola oil from local farms for fuel production.

“Snohomish County continues to increase its use of renewable and recycled fuel sources,” said Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon. “This continued partnership allows us to improve our local environment and economy by utilizing the canola produced locally as well as local waste sources that can be processed into fuel.”