TORRANCE, CA - Enova Systems Inc., a California-based developer of electric and hybrid drive systems, is busy filling its first order for its Zero Emissions (Ze) step van. 

The order was placed last month by the General Services Administration (GSA) for a U.S. Army base in the state of Washington. 

This year, Enova Systems has seen its first-quarter revenue grow 35 percent compared to last year's first quarter because of deliveries to Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., Smith Electric Vehicles, and Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies, the company said. 

The Enova Ze step van order reflects new federal guidelines. "Federal agencies are required to reduce their petroleum consumption by 2 percent annually for a total 30-percent reduction by 2020," the company pointed out. "The Ze step van can completely displace the petroleum use of its gasoline or diesel counterpart." 

Enova has expanded its all-electric Ze drive system offerings to include a Ford F-150 utility truck and Chevrolet Express cargo van. The Ford F-150 has been integrated with a 90kW all-electric Ze drive system. The Chevy Express cargo van has been integrated with a 120kW all-electric Ze drive system.