ASHEVILLE, NC - Altech-Eco Corp. in North Carolina said it has obtained a Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the EPA for its dedicated 2010 Ford Focus compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion system. 

Households or companies can now receive a $4,000 federal income tax credit by purchasing and converting a vehicle with Altech-Eco's conversion system. 

Altech-Eco's dedicated 2010 CNG Ford Focus conversion system transforms the Focus so that it runs exclusively on CNG. However, a bi-fuel option using both CNG and gasoline is also available. 

The system includes a manufacturer-rated CNG cylinder with fuel storage capacity of 8.6 GGE (Gas Gallon Equivalent), with a natural gas driving range of 230 to 330 miles and an average of 39 mpg on the highway and 28 in the city, all with over eight cubic feet of remaining trunk space. 

Altech-Eco provides a lifetime warranty on all conversion system emissions components. The CNG conversion system for the 2010 Ford Focus is now available at select participating Ford dealerships and approved aftermarket conversion facilities. 

Altech-Eco conversion systems are produced only by Altech-Eco. They are not a Ford Motor Co. manufactured product. 

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