Photo of the Outlander PHEV courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors.

Photo of the Outlander PHEV courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors.

Mitsubishi Corp. has secured a deal for the sale of 635 Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle's (PHEV) in Ukraine.

The vehicles are manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and will be sold through MMC Ukraine, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi and local distributor of MMC vehicles and spare parts, according to the automaker

The PHEVs are being purchased by the local police and delivery to the Ukrainian government is planned for around July 2017. Mitsubishi holds 60% of shares in MMC Ukraine while local partner NIKO holds the remaining 40%.

The Ukrainian government’s decision to replace a portion of its current fleet of police cars with the PHEV is to promote environmentally friendly policies. The PHEV’s environmental performance has been highly evaluated by the Ukrainian government, according to the automaker.

With a population of 45 million, Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe and the CIS, second only to Russia, and is expected to see notable economic growth over the medium to long term, according to the automaker.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet