ChargePoint has launched a service that enables EV drivers to use their mobile phones or RFID cards to join a ChargePoint charging station queue as a way to streamline the EV charging process.

Drivers can use Waitlist, the queueing service, by tapping their ChargePoint card on the station to be added to the line of cars waiting to charge their EVs. After a car has finished charging, or reached the time or energy limit set by station owners, drivers are asked to make way for other drivers.

When a station becomes available, the first driver in line is notified. If they’re busy, they can defer and wait for the next available station. Drivers can also set up Waitlist so they are automatically added to a queue every day.

“Our mission is to get everyone into an EV, and as the number of EVs on the road increases, we’re building features that ensure charging and driving an EV is a seamless experience,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO. “Waitlist provides drivers with the charge they need without any headaches for station owners; they can rest easy knowing our Waitlist capability will make things easier for everyone.”

ChargePoint found that Waitlist increased station utilization by 20% on average, and as much as 45% for stations that were already busy, according to the company.

Waitlist can also be adapted to best fit individual charging station owner needs. For example, station owners can limit how long drivers can charge when the Waitlist service is enabled, helping them maximize use of their stations. Analytics and reporting provided by ChargePoint helps station owners plan capacity upgrades and identify drivers who do not move their vehicles in a timely fashion.