Dawood's first compressed natural gas (CNG) truck. Photo courtesy Dawood

Dawood's first compressed natural gas (CNG) truck.
Photo courtesy Dawood

In partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management, Dawood Engineering Inc., a consulting firm specializing in civil and geotechnical engineering as well as environmental and surveying services, is one of the first small businesses in Pennsylvania to drive a vehicle with a factory-installed dual-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system, according to Dawood. The new dual-fuel 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 was presented at an unveiling ceremony at Dawood’s headquarters in Enola, Pa.

Acquired through Enterprise Fleet Management, a fleet management company for businesses with medium-size fleets, the factory-installed CNG pickup truck features a special engine calibration, a body built to accommodate two separate fuel sources, and a single door for both CNG and regular fuel ports. According to the company, because it is leasing its CNG vehicle, Dawood does not qualify for government incentives, which would require purchasing the vehicle.

Dawood’s first CNG vehicle is based at Sayre, Pa., where it will follow a return-to-base model and use three public CNG fueling stations, Dawood said. Although initially it will be the only CNG vehicle in the company’s 40-vehicle fleet comprised mostly of pickups and small SUVs, Dawood plans to add more as it replaces older vehicles, according to the company.