TruStar Energy announced the completion of a time-fill CNG fueling station for Vogel Disposal Services, Inc. in Mars, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, June 4. This is the first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for Vogel Disposal, one of the largest independent haulers in Western Pennsylvania, with a fleet of over 300 vehicles. Vogel said the decision to move to CNG was driven partially by engine issues pertaining to the new diesel emissions standards, which affected Vogel's productivity.

TruStar Energy, a provider of CNG infrastructure and CNG fueling solutions, designed and constructed a two-compressor, time-fill station that went on line in mid-May. The station currently fuels Vogel's 10 CNG garbage trucks, but was built with the capability to fuel up to 70 trucks, which is part of Vogel's expansion plan.