REDWOOD CITY, CAGreenRoad, a company specializing in fleet driver performance and safety management, has added new fuel-saving features to its GreenRoad 360 management solution.

The enhancements include “posted speed performance,” which automatically captures incidents where a vehicle is traveling above the posted speed limit. The new tool takes into account these incidents on the safety score and maps the details. The “posted speed performance” tool is seamlessly integrated with GreenRoad Central, a Web-based management dashboard, and can be customized to suit specific fleet policies.

“Speeding is a major contributor to fleet crash incidents, and excessive speed can dramatically increase fuel consumption,” said Glenn Pereira, director of product marketing for GreenRoad. “Additionally, because speeding on city and residential streets is often riskier than speeding on highways, managing posted speed performance is a key requirement for most fleets.”

“There is no ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to minimizing driver risk, but used in conjunction with a number of other measures, the GreenRoad system is helping us to develop a comprehensive picture of where we have risks within our fleet,” noted Brent Mitchell, director of operational support for Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions. The company uses GreenRoad 360 across its fleet of 1,400 vehicles.

“GreenRoad not only allows us to identify risks, but also protects our drivers when they are out on the road, providing a range of data to help us analyze incidents,” Mitchell added.

Also new are the “idling heat maps,” which extend GreenRoad’s idling performance management capability. At a glance, fleet managers can view idling hot spots across specific geographies and routes. This feature can help fleet managers customize idling policies to specific fleet vehicles and specific fleet operations or locations. The idling heat maps can be viewed on GreenRoad Central.

GreenRoad said its customers typically achieve up to 10-percent savings in fuel consumption and have seen up to an additional 5-percent savings through idling management.

“With GreenRoad, we are able to reduce the idling by about 25 percent,” said Linda Kleingardner, operations and safety manager for Rolling V Transportation Services, which is based in the Catskills region of New York.

In addition, expanded data integration delivers a new set of application program interfaces (APIs) for integration with partner and customer systems, including live data delivery such as GPS data, fleet administration automation interfaces, and behavioral insight interfaces.  As customers continue to move fleet operations to cloud-based computing environments, GreenRoad said it can help customers to more easily share collected data with other IT systems, applications and programs -- specifically with fleet and risk management service providers. The data integration capability, delivered through standard Internet integration technologies, is easy to implement, the company said.

“These new APIs enable a wide range of integration scenarios, including the use of GreenRoad data to power third-party solutions and the automated delivery of GreenRoad-generated data to customers’  business intelligence and operational reporting systems,” Pereira said.

Over 70,000 fleet drivers around the world are currently using the GreenRoad service. They experience an average 50-percent reduction in crashes and up to a 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption.  

GreenRoad customers include First Group, Ryder, Iron Mountain, Securitas Mobile, MasTec, DuPre Logistics, Stagecoach, CityLink and Quickway Carriers.