WILLIAMSTOWN, PA – Koppy’s Propane, Inc. joined Alliance AutoGas to deliver propane autogas to the state of Pennsylvania. Alliance AutoGas is a nationwide clean vehicle conversion and fueling network and Koppy’s Propane is one of the largest independent propane suppliers in the state, the company stated.

“Not only do fleets running on autogas experience reduced operating costs, but autogas is a proven clean fuel technology that is available right here, right now,” says David H. Koppenhaver, president and owner of Koppy’s Propane. “We take pride in joining Alliance AutoGas to provide a comprehensive program for businesses that want to switch from gasoline to this dependable clean fuel technology.”

Autogas saves at least $1 per gallon compared to gasoline while emitting significantly less greenhouse gasses, according to Koppy’s. The propane autogas supply in the United States is 90 percent made in America.