FARGO, ND - Chrysler Group Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Chrysler Group LLC, recently launched the 2011 model year GEM line of battery-electric, low-speed vehicles. The GEM line has more than 45,000 vehicles on the road worldwide. 

"The 2011 model year marks our 14th year in designing and distributing 100-percent battery-electric GEM vehicles," said Rick Kasper, president and chief operating officer for Chrysler Group Global Electric Motorcars LLC. "We're always integrating new technologies and features into our product line that allow our customers to customize their vehicles and use them in a variety of capacities." 

The MY 2011 GEM vehicles are being showcased in the Chrysler LLC booth at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit through Jan. 23. 

One new feature for the 2011 GEM model year is the energy monitoring system that allows drivers to determine the total amount of energy in kilo-watt-hours (kWh) that the GEM vehicle has removed from the grid. By using the trip meter-odometer switch in the vehicle, drivers can view the energy-saving information right on the vehicle's LCD screen. 

Also new for 2011 are four vehicle options: 12-foot turf tires for off-road applications, a right-hand drive package that converts the GEM vehicle into a police or security vehicle, a short-bed package that provides a 34-foot x 48-foot cargo bed on the GEM e4 four-passenger coupe or the GEM e6 six passenger shuttle vehicle, and utility tie-downs that allow cargo to easily be secured in any of the GEM utility vehicles. 

With a top speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 30 miles on a charge, GEM electric vehicles are designed for short-distance transportation and are driven on medical and corporate campuses, universities, military bases, resorts, sports stadiums, gated communities and residential streets. Classified as "low-speed vehicles" (LSVs) or "neighborhood electric vehicles" (NEVs) by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the GEM vehicle line is street-legal in most states on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. 

GEM vehicles are available in six models and can be customized with a variety of options and accessories. For more information on the MY 2011 GEM electric vehicles, visit www.gemcar.com