NORTHBROOK, IL - Donlen Corp., the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and GreenDriver are collaborating on a multi-year initiative to cut commercial fleet greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent. 

The project is a Clinton Global Initiative "commitment to action." Established in 2005 by former President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative convenes global leaders to find solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Clinton Global Initiative commitments to action promote global corporate citizenship through the development of business practices that encourage sustainability, foster education, improve health and stimulate global economies. 

The new emission-reduction initiative represents a significant pledge by all three organizations to "work together to transform the environmental impact of the fleet industry," Donlen said. 

Donlen, headquartered in Northbrook, Ill., is a major provider of fleet management programs. The Environmental Defense Fund is a leading national nonprofit organization that links science, economics and law to create innovative solutions to society's most urgent environmental problems. GreenDriver, an e-learning and certification program focused on driver behavior, helps commercial and government fleets reduce emissions and fuel costs. 

Donlen said it will work with clients and other companies to baseline fleet emissions and create emission-reduction plans to increase fuel efficiency, reduce miles traveled, utilize low-carbon fuels, and deploy advanced vehicles. As a result, companies will reduce fuel expenditures, petroleum consumption, and global climate-change emissions. 

EDF will assist Donlen by validating its data collection process, reduction strategies and methodology. Donlen will also use GreenDriver online training and behavior management programs to help commercial and government fleets reduce their CO2 emissions and fuel costs. 

Donlen, EDF and GreenDriver are encouraging their clients, large commercial fleets and other fleet management companies, suppliers and vendors to join in this effort. There are nearly 3 million vehicles in U.S. corporate fleets. Industry-wide participation in this effort could eliminate more than 10 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. 

"The transportation industry is responsible for 28 percent of the overall greenhouse gas emissions in the United States," said Gary Rappeport, Donlen CEO. "As a leader in the fleet management industry, it's important that Donlen takes the initiative to help reduce commercial fleet GHG on a broader scale. The Clinton Global Initiative offers us the perfect venue to address this critically important issue, and we're proud to collaborate with EDF to be part of the larger work of CGI." 

For more information about Donlen's Clinton Global Initiative commitment, contact Dan Hannan, senior vice president of sustainability and product development, at (847) 412-5402 or visit