CHICAGO --- During Green Fleet Conference 2009 in Chicago yesterday, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) unveiled a new set of online tools and materials designed to help fleet managers cut fuel costs and emissions.

Available at, the tools assist companies in reaching out to their fleet drivers to help identify practical, effective ways to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Corporate fleets account for more than 3 million vehicles in the United States. Fuel-smart driving behaviors offer an opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from all of these vehicles -- starting today," said Jason Mathers, green fleet project manager at EDF.

Mathers moderated a session at the conference titled, Real-World Driver Behavior Modifications to Meet Green Fleet Goals.

"Fleets have seen improvements in fuel efficiency by up to 4 percent after adopting fuel-smart driving practices," he said. "If all corporate fleets in the country did the same, they could reduce their annual greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 2 million metric tons -- and save money."

The EDF online tools include:

  • A comprehensive handbook for fleet managers outlining everything from tips on driving best practices to proven ways to motivate changes in driving behavior
  • Template materials for communicating with fleet drivers
  • An online driver-training module, complete with a users guide.

EDF worked with PHH Arval to develop a comprehensive fleet management service, PHH GreenFleet.

"In today's economic environment, fleet managers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve fuel economy and reduce fuel costs," said Karen Healey, director of environmental programs at PHH Arval. "We believe the tools developed by PHH and EDF will provide great business and environmental benefits, and we encourage all fleet managers to consider including them as part of a comprehensive fleet greenhouse gas management strategy."

For more information on EDF's work with fleets, including tips on boosting vehicle efficiency and cutting vehicle miles traveled, visit