DENVER - Denver Public Works Fleet Maintenance Division's recent surplus auction raised $1,257,000, according to Denver Fleet Administrator Nancy Kuhn.

The highest bid was $64,000 for a 1988 Caterpillar 966E front loader with a 5-yard bucket that had logged 18,323 hours of service.   

Kuhn said bids on some equipment were higher this year than in previous sales — probably due to the bad economy, which may be prompting consumers to take a second look at public auctions.

"It's possible people can't afford to buy new equipment, so they're looking at buying used," she said.

Most of the money raised in the Aug. 30 auction will go back to the city's general fund. Past auction proceeds typically ranged from $750,000 to $1.3 million, depending on the number of units and type of units being surplused, said Kuhn.