FRAMINGHAM, MA - Staples' delivery truck fleet is getting greener thanks to its fleet manager, according to World Trade Magazine.

Mark Buckley, vice president of environmental affairs, said Mike Payette, manager of fleet equipment, has taken a proactive approach to increasing fleet fuel efficiency. At Payette's urging, Staples bought two Isuzu diesel-electric hybrid trucks, currently being tested in the Staples fleet.

"Mike is very interested in alternative fuels and alternative drive trains. He wasn't content to wait for production vehicles to come online, so he went to Isuzu in 2006 to add speed regulators to Staples trucks, limiting them to 60 miles per hour," said Buckley.

Because of Payette's determination, Staples got its speed regulators. Signs displayed on the back of the trucks told motorists the lower speeds weren't the drivers' fault.

The greening efforts have saved Staples 540,000 gallons of diesel, reduced costs by $2 million, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 12 million lbs., Buckley said.

Ocean freight and intermodal transportation are also on Staples' radar, with the goal of enhancing transportation effectiveness while lowering costs. To achieve this goal, Staples encourages its stores to place larger orders and accept deliveries three times per week rather than five, and shares the savings with the stores, Buckley said. "We believe we all need to learn how to do business in a carbon-constrained environment," he told World Trade.