DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc. announced the latest results from its EcoWheels program; in the past five years, the company reports it has helped decrease CO2 emissions by 226,000 metric tons - an environmental impact equivalent to taking 28,000 vehicles off the road. These outcomes, which were tabulated using Wheels' proprietary reporting and measurement tools, are a result of the strategic planning, vehicle selection support, conscious driving counseling and other services that Wheels has made standard in its EcoWheels offering.

"Something that was important to Wheels as we sought to develop EcoWheels was creating a program that would drive genuine behavioral and systematic changes to make positive, meaningful impacts on the environment," said Stratford Dick, senior director of marketing for Wheels, Inc. "We are proud that EcoWheels equips our customers to take advantage of concrete tools, counseling and benchmarks for reduction in their greenhouse gas emissions."

As part of its continuing expansion to its EcoWheels program, Wheels has joined the World Resources Institute (WRI) corporate consultative group. In addition, Wheels continues to engage yet another leading environmental organization - Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - for advice and perspective regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

"The purpose of EcoWheels is to assist companies in meeting their sustainability targets by developing tools that can 'green' corporate fleets," explained Dick.  "By creating connections for our clients to industry expertise that is committed to studying and protecting the environment through practical thought and scientific research, we are confident that our efforts will produce more conscious corporate drivers and more environmentally responsible corporations."

WRI is a nonprofit environmental organization that provides - and helps other institutions develop - objective information and practical proposals for policy and institutional change to foster environmentally sound, socially equitable development.  The Institute's corporate consultative group is comprised of industry-leading companies - including Wheels - that are focused on generating research and solutions to a range of environmental issues.  Through this membership, Wheels has the opportunity to analyze and address environmental trends relevant to corporate fleet management, participate in discussions with other corporate leaders about current environmental issues and access and share cutting-edge information on business ideas that will create real environmental improvements.  For a complete list of WRI's corporate group members see:

As part of EcoWheels, the company has also shared ideas and discussed strategies for helping fleet customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions with EDF, a nonprofit organization that works to create and advocate nonpartisan, cost-efficient and fair solutions to environmental issues.

"Fleet management companies have a critical role to play in helping their clients understand effective strategies to reduce their environmental impact," said Jason Mathers of EDF. "Outcome oriented and technology neutral efforts such as those included in the EcoWheels strategy can make a meaningful impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

About Wheels, Inc.:
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