SARASOTA, FL --- Cruise Car Inc. said it will showcase its solar electric hybrid vehicles on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on Earth Day, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Cruise Car is a leading manufacturer and distributor of solar-powered electric hybrid low-speed neighborhood vehicles and fleet vehicles in the U.S. The company's Earth Day display will demonstrate the "ecological and economical benefits of operating solar-powered, low-speed vehicles," the company said. 

"What could be better than Earth Day to show people just how much we benefit from the sun," asked Greg Hyde, spokesman for Cruise Car. "Solar energy is rapidly growing in its potential for providing alternative energy solutions and we are here to show people how they can use the free resources of the sun for low-speed vehicle transportation." 

Cruise Car offers a full line of 2- to 14-passenger solar-electric transport solutions tailored for planned communities, golf courses, college campuses, municipalities, military bases, corporate parks, resorts, federal agencies, and other groups and locations running fleets. 

"Earth Day is all about embracing our natural resources. It celebrates our ingenuity, ability and desire to develop alternative energy solutions that will make our earth cleaner and better," said Hyde. "Cruise Car's entire mission is to provide solar-powered transportation where it makes sense -- from a family NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) to an entire fleet of maintenance vehicles." 

Cruise Car Inc. has over 50 models in its product line and distribution on four continents. Cruise Cars can be made street-legal in most states and driven on roads with speeds posted 35 mph or lower. 

Eco-Trans Alliance, Cruise Car's parent company, offers such products as solar-charging stations, rapid chargers, GPS tracking systems, solar roof kits, solar cart barns, prefab solar parking garages and related energy-saving products and services.