PALM BAY, FLDuring a recent city council meeting to prioritize each city department's needs, Fleet Maintenance department officials shared concerns about the fleet budget, according to Florida Today.

Fleet Maintenance Manager John Cady reviewed the city's 600 vehicles, $3.7 million budget, and $700,000 replacement fund. "If the fleet's age remains continually creeping up, a technician or two will have to be added," Cady said.

Deputy Mayor Milo Zonka was concerned the replacement fund wasn't sufficient.

Palm Bay Certified Public Accountant Rod White also wanted to know why the replacement fund wasn't fully funded.

Cady said each department is supposed to pay a depreciation expense so that money is in the fund to replace those vehicles. City Deputy Manager Sue Hann explained money is put in the fund by each department, but not for the full replacement cost of a new car.

Fleet's budget is $3,780,735.