LOS ANGELES --- California's first retail hydrogen filling station opened to the public last week, the Los Angeles Times reported. Shell, General Motors and Hydrogenics partnered to develop the station, which is the second in the nation to provide retail service to refuel hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The station in West Los Angeles is expected to serve both the state's Hydrogen Highway efforts and GM's customers of its Project Driveway program, which will supply 100 Chevrolet Equinox crossover SUVs to provide real-world feedback on the vehicle.

Hydrogenics, in its press release about the station, said it provided the integrated hydrogen generation system to Shell Hydrogen LLC. "The experience gained in our 50-year history positions Hydrogenics to meet the rapid growth of the Hydrogen highway," said Daryl Wilson, president and CEO of Hydrogenics. "Our modular product offering is highly scaleable and configurable to meet widely varying requirements." 

In order to meet the demanding space requirements of the fueling station, Hydrogenics implemented a canopy system where all the components are mounted on the roof of the station canopy, minimizing the footprint of the hydrogen station. In addition, Hydrogenics' electrolyzers produce hydrogen from water, which, if produced using renewable energy such as wind and solar power, is the most environmentally friendly method to produce the fuel. Hydrogenics has installed over 30 fueling stations deriving hydrogen through electrolysis.