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Natural gas offers reduced emissions and a more affordable fuel choice. This channel covers compressed natural gas vehicle conversions, liquefied natural gas as a fuel source, fuel storage, bi-fuel vehicles, natural gas buses and transit vehicles, technologies used in natural gas fueling systems, and fleets converting their vehicles to this fuel source.

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<p><em>Image&nbsp;courtesy of;</em></p> Dispelling CNG Safety Myths
There are many misconceptions about how safe compressed natural gas (CNG) is as a vehicle fuel. CNG has a number of properties that make it inherently safer than gasoline, diesel, and other alternative fuels.
<p><em>Overall, compressed natural gas prices are not subject to as much fluctuation due to the breakdown of its pricing. Source: VNG Co.</em></p> The Economics of Natural Gas Vehicles
When considering an alternative-fuel vehicle option, such as natural gas, there may be some additional up-front costs; however, overall lifecycle costs are proving the decision to be a sound option.
<p><em>Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.</em></p> Incentives Help Bolster Business Case for NGVs
While not something to depend on, when available, incentives can help reduce the overall cost of a natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleet.
<p><strong>Love&rsquo;s first began providing CNG to heavy-duty drivers in 2012, and has continued to expand its network throughout the U.S., including adding stations in eastern Texas.&nbsp;</strong><em>Photo via Love's</em></p> Touting CNG in the Texas Triangle
In eastern Texas, natural gas has seen successes within the highly traveled corridor linking three huge metro areas.
<p><em><strong>Photo courtesy of Toyota.</strong></em></p> These Factors Are Impacting Sales of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
While hybrid vehicle sales are increasing, the total percentage of overall sales is not. Alternative-fuel vehicles are still garnering interest, but several factors are impacting sales.


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Veriflo XF70 Fast Fill CNG Dispenser The XF70 Fast Fill Commercial and Fleet Dispenser from Parker Hannifin's Veriflo division is a compressed natural gas fueling dispenser for CNG fleets. View more info
Electronic Pressure Regulator Landi Renzo USA's electronic pressure regulator (EPR) provides electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and/or ambient conditions. View more info
Large Diameter CNG Cylinder Worthington Industries' lightweight, large diameter 26.2-inch compressed natural gas cylinder is designed to extend route length for refuse trucks. View more info
Veriflo FM80 Fuel Regulation Module The FM80 from Parker Hannifin's Veriflo division is an integrated fuel regulation module designed for 5- to 12-liter natural gas engines. View more info
Seal-Lok O-Ring NGV Fitting Parker Hannifin's Seal-Lok O-Ring provides reliable fuel conveyance in natural gas applications using an elastomeric seal compound specifically designed to address the needs of the market. View more info

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