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Elio Motors Launches Fleet Sales Division

July 09, 2014

Elio Motors has developed a fleet sales division to capitalize on growing interest from rental companies, businesses and municipalities.

In 2015, Elio Motors is launching an enclosed, three-wheeled vehicle that will retail for $6,800 and get 84 miles per gallon. This vehicle can provide cost-savings to companies and government entities that have fleets for rentals, deliveries, service calls and other travel-related needs, says the company.

Assuming a vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon and is driven 20,000 miles at $4 per gallon of gas, switching to an Elio could save a company nearly $2,250.00 annually on fuel costs, according to Elio Motors.

The fleet sales division will be headed by Brendan Carey, a former employee for ADESA auctions who joined Elio Motors in 2013.

“Interest in Elio Motors among the business community is extremely high, and rightfully so,” said Paul Elio founder and CEO of Elio Motors. “As we’ve taken the vehicle on its 33-city nationwide tour, we are always approached by business people, rental companies and government officials who recognize they can attain significant savings converting their fleet to Elios.”

Though Elio Motors launches in 2015, it is currently taking reservations.

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  1. 1. Elen Edwards [ September 28, 2014 @ 01:02PM ]

    Paul, I meet you in Shreveport, La. I was so impressed with your ideas and dreams not to mention the Elio. At the time I was only able to put up $100.00. My husband was not as impressed as I am. Any way, I have bragged about you and spread the word everywhere I go. But because I only put up $100.00, Where do I stand? How long will it be before I can get my Elio? Will I be one of the last ones? Somehow it just doesn't seem fair. Anyway, regardless, I am looking forward to driving my Elio. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. My prayers and blessings are with you. Thanks, Ellen Edwards

  2. 2. Jeff Pirkle [ January 01, 2015 @ 09:11AM ]

    My wife and I saw in person and sat in the Elio vehicle in Rome,Ga and loved it. I put a $1000 reservation in June 2014.Paul Elio and his team have developed a great vehicle.

  3. 3. Wes Vanderhorst [ January 07, 2015 @ 08:21PM ]

    Dear Elio Motors
    With hat in hand I have an idea for Eureka, CA.
    I am looking for seed monies to sell Elios, the single person transportation vehicle built in Louisiana. I think it may work this market. A Phoenix based Company I am looking for a niche market.
    Like Elio am searching Capital. I may not do this without bringing in Pep Boys in and renting at first, so I am in touch with their Corporation as well
    My idea is to "bundle". We all have seen the ideas of selling burritos and gas, a good model kind of like "American Pickers"
    Yes! And, I may write, the product, is worthy of consideration, for an ideal market here at the redwoods.
    My model encompasses advertising and volume. I believe a strategy "Fly to the redwoods, drive home in the Elio" may be a good slogan. Especially if I pay one-way air fare, part of my model for this community.
    Historically, California has all the newest production vehicles.
    I would like you to consider my thoughts.
    My ideas are viable with the right partnerships. I need the team at Elio to consider my scenarios. The MBA's the Engineers, the adventures, or is it the "Avant garde?"
    With my model, we may "throw in" a good "B&B" as well for sales which is important.
    There is space, a Rays gone defunct. We may "bundle" and Sell, Sell, Sell!
    I am in the 4000's for "All in", my STV (Single Transportation Vehicle) the Elio.
    Wesley G. Vanderhorst, PLS

  4. 4. Sylvia P [ March 04, 2017 @ 06:55PM ]

    Are you renting these yet in Texas or New Mexico?
    I saw this vehicle at the Mall in Portland, Oregon it was awesome looking and was told they will also be renting them out at a very reasonable price a day..
    These rental places are killing me with their rediulous prices and fees....

  5. 5. Charles Wyatt [ July 09, 2017 @ 08:38PM ]

    How long before the production starts?


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