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Re-refined oil

Safety-Kleen Demystifies Re-Refined Oil

Re-refined oil may not be a front-of-mind demand by fleet managers, but Safety-Kleen is working to change that. Its EcoPower product is proving itself among fleets across the U.S.

Top 15 Fleet Maintenance Trends in 2013 & Beyond

Vehicle quality continues to improve and extended powertrain warranties have covered some expensive repairs, which occur at higher mileage. Although quality has increased, vehicles are becoming more complex, especially with the proliferation of new onboard technologies. In this context, what follows are the top 15 maintenance trends for passenger cars that are facing commercial fleet managers in 2013 and beyond.

Re-refined Oil: In with the Old, Out with the New

Due to recent improvements in re-refining technologies, re-refined oil is now certified by the American Petroleum Institute and recognized as comparable to virgin oil by leading vehicle manufacturers in the industry.