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Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) plans to electrify 50% of its fleet by 2030 to support the continued adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Illinois and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Ford Taps Experts to Examine EV Issues in Chicago

CHICAGO - Ford Motor Co. on Oct. 29 convened key experts from the city of Chicago and electricity provider ComEd to examine critical issues related to consumer adoption of electric vehicles. Ford said it has been working to engage utilities, city and state governments and infrastructure providers.

ComEd's Green Fleet Ranks 7th Largest in U.S.

CHICAGO –'s "State of Green Business 2009" report lists five electric and gas utilities in the top 10. According to the list, ComEd's green fleet numbers 1,918 individual vehicles, not including 250 E-85 flex-fuel vehicles, according to ComEd.