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Fontaine Modification Offering Merlin Solar Panels
Port of New York, New Jersey Buys Solar Chargers for Growing Electric Vehicle Fleet
LeasePlan to Lease Solar-Powered EV in the Netherlands

LeasePlan to Lease Solar-Powered EV in the Netherlands

LeasePlan Netherlands has partnered with a Dutch scale up company for the development of an electric solar-powered car, which the fleet management company will have available to lease, making it accessible to a broader corporate target group.

December 19, 2018

Pittsburgh Expands EV Charging with Solar Stations
Ford and DTE Team Up to Build Michigan’s Largest Solar Array
University of Michigan Solar Car Team to Exhibit Innovative ‘Quantum’ EV at 2013 Green Fleet Conference
OnStar Teams Up with TimberRock for EV Solar Charging

Panasonic to Sponsor MIT Solar Vehicle Team

SECAUCUS, NJ --- Panasonic Corp. announced its support of the Solar Electric Vehicle Team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in their participation of the Global Green Challenge (GGC), to be held in October 2009 in Australia.

August 4, 2009

Electric Audi Has Solar Headlights

Electric Audi Has Solar Headlights

HERDON, VA - Ten years ago, solar headlamps would have been relegated to the same bin as glow-in-the-dark sunglasses and inflatable dartboards. Today, they're just another innovation in the EV/hybrid race to a green Shangri-La and a nice feature on a slick solar hybrid built by college kids.

June 29, 2009