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Kia Recalls Niro for Power Steering
Hyundai Recalls Sonata Cars for Seat Belts
BMW Recalls i3 REx for Fire Risk
Toyota Recalls Prius for Parking Brake
Toyota Recalls Prius for Air Bags

Toyota Recalls Prius for Air Bags

The recall covers 7,600 2016 model-year gasoline-electric hybrid cars that need new front passenger air bag assemblies.

September 15, 2016

Toyota Recalls RAV4, Lexus HS250h Cars for Suspension
Toyota Recalls RAV4, Lexus HS 250h for Suspension
GM Recalls Malibu Hybrid for Stalling

GM Recalls Malibu Hybrid for Stalling

The recall, which covers 534 2016 model-year cars, will allow dealers to address faulty installations of the manual service disconnect switch.

August 12, 2016

Toyota Recalls Prius, Lexus Hybrids for Air Bag Inflators
Fire Risk Prompts Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Recall
Toyota Recalls Prius V Cars for Stalling Risk
GEM eL XD Cars Recalled for Welds
Chevrolet Volts Recalled for Carbon Monoxide Risk
Audi Sedans, VW Hybrid Recalled for Fire Risk
BMW Recalls i8 Hybrids for Fire Risk