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Postmaster General Says Half of First Batch of New Vehicles Could Be EVs
Nikola Says Arizona Electric Rate Deal will Accelerate Hydrogen Production
Hyundai, Daimler, Toyota Announce Hydrogen Fuel Cell Initiatives
Hyundai’s First Fuel Cell Truck Heads to Europe
EV Study: Phase in Charging Sites Along I-5

EV Study: Phase in Charging Sites Along I-5

Results of a study by electric utilities in Washington, Oregon, and California call for the installation of charging sites along the I-5 for medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks to reduce pollution caused by freight transport along the Pacific Coast.

June 22, 2020

LA, LB Ports: Near-Zero-Emission Natural Gas Trucks Ready for Drayage Operations
Norwegian Grocer Tests Cummins Hydrogen Modules
Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Retroactively Extended  for Propane Autogas Vehicles