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The Bolt EV’s drive system uses a single high-capacity electric motor to propel the car.
Combined with a 7.05:1 final-drive ratio, the motor helps propel the Bolt EV from 0-60 mph in... The vehicle's battery offers160 kilowatts of peak power and 60 kilowatts hours of energy.
The Bolt EV drive unit is capable of producing up to 266 lb.-ft. of torque and 200 hp of... The Bolt EV features a regenerative braking system that has the ability to provide one-pedal...

Chevrolet Bolt EV’s Powertrain

General Motors has released new photos of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV's battery-electric powertrain, which enables a range of more than 200 miles. Read the full story here. Photos courtesy of GM.

The Ioniq eco-focused vehicle is the first in the world to offer three distinct electrified...
The Ioniq Hybrid features specially-designed two-tone contrasting 15- or 17-inch alloy wheels.
Featuring 53 percent Advanced High Strength Steel, the chassis benefits from superior rigidity...

Hyundai's Electrified Ioniq Sedans

Hyundai is offering three eco-focused sedans for 2017 under the Ioniq nameplate, including a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric models. Hyundai unveiled the models at the New York International Auto Show. Read more here.

The A3 e-tron provides about 31 miles of EV range.
The e-tron provides an overall EPA-rated range of 380 miles.
A dual-clutch transmission directs power to the front wheels.

Audi's 2016 A3 Sportback e-tron

Audi's A3 Sportback e-tron marks the automaker's first offering of a plug-in electric hybrid. The Euro-styled hatch has just arrived in the U.S. for sale. Read our driving impressions here. Photos by Vince Taroc.

The 2016 Prius takes on exterior design cues from Toyota's Mirai fuel cell sedan.
The Prius is slightly shorter (178.7 inches), wider, and lower than the outgoing model.
The rear of the Prius has been lowered.

Driving the 2016 Toyota Prius

Toyota's 2016 Prius arrives with a Mirai-ified exterior design and 10% improvement in fuel economy, but it also helps train you to be a more fuel-efficient driver by displaying specific driving feedback on the instrument cluster next to the odometer. Photos by Vince Taroc.

The hydrogen fuel pump we used could only fuel one vehicle at a time. The pump cues users for...
The first step involved unhooking the cap from the fuel tank's nipple.
Once the cap was removed, we were ready to fill the Mirai.

Hydrogen Fueling Step-by-Step

Fueling a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle presents a driver a more involved process, which has some similarities to fueling a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle, but it's simpler. Follow the steps, as we filled up our Toyota Mirai press vehicle in Torrance, Calif. Photos by Vince Taroc.

The 2016 Mirai uses larger air intakes to complement the H2-oxygen mix.
The Mirai measures 193 inches, which is comporable to other mid-size sedans.
The Mirai can travel 312 miles on a single fill of hydrogen.

Toyota's 2016 Mirai

Toyota's 2016 Mirai became the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle offered for sale in the U.S. in October of 2015. Toyota plans to sell about 30,000 Mirai sedans by the end of 2017 as it tests the commercial viability of the technology. Read our driving impressions here. Photos by Vince Taroc.

The Bolt EV will offer a 200-mile range for about $30,000.
The vehicle has been designed with a nod to compact SUVs.
The Bolt EV's wheelbase will measure 102.4 inches.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

General Motors unveiled its production-ready 2017 Bolt EV at the Consumer Electronics Show. CEO Mary Barra told the techie audience the vehicle will offer an array of connected-car features. Read the full story here. Photos courtesy of GM.

The Petersen Automotive Museum's exterior was inspired by iconic motion-blur photos of traffic...
The museum can be back-lighted at night in various colors. Photo courtesy of Petersen Automotive...
Ribbons of steel create a cage-like impression from the top floor.

Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is reopening to the public on Dec. 7, following a $90-million renovation that significantly expands exhibit space and brings a bold new exterior design. The museum hosted a media event Dec. 3. Photos by Paul Clinton and courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum.