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Under CARB’s new rules, these fleet workhorses with ICE engines would start to be phased out in...

How CARB’s Gas Vehicle Ban Will Affect Fleets

The California Air Resources Board laid down its most ambitious rule yet, which includes not only passenger cars but light-duty trucks. The rule is phasing out traditional power in fleets’ biggest workhorses.

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Propane has been around for more than 100 years to fuel vehicles, like school buses, delivery...

OpEd: Clean Fleet’s Future May Be Electric, But Today It’s Propane

Yes, electric vehicles are a part of our future. But propane autogas is a part of our past, present, and future, too.

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In June, FedEx Corp. announced it has received its first 150 electric Zevo 600 models from...

How Will FedEx’s Delivery Operations Go Carbon Neutral by 2040?

At the 2022 Fleet Forward Conference, Bill Cawein of FedEx Express will dive into the company’s global plans to decarbonize and share learnings from the rollout of the first 150 BrightDrop electric delivery vehicles.

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Canoo’s Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV0 is expected to hit the road in 2023, though Canoo is...

Canoo Vehicles Added to Fleet Forward Tour Dallas

Attendees will be able to ride along in the electric Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle (LV) and the Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV), along with electric passenger cars, trucks, and vans from eight other automakers.

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The AA patrol zero-emission hydrogen patrol vehicle.

Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles Start to Get Fleet Attention

Slowly but surely, the "other" alternative fuel is beginning to gain traction. In Europe, trials with Stellantis brand hydrogen vans have been ongoing.

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Currently, Stellantis brands Citroen, Peugeot, and Vauxhall/Opel have developed hydrogen vans....

Hydrogen Is Non-Starter For U.K. Van Fleets

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) describes hydrogen as a "not realistic" fuel source for commercial van fleets.

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The demonstration project will also include a temporary hydrogen refueling station at...

SoCalGas Joins Ford to Reduce Emissions

This collaboration is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) SuperTruck 3 program.

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Electric car prices saw an increase of 54.3% from the same month last year while gas-powered...

Used EV Prices Rise Much Faster Than for ICE Vehicles

An study finds electric car prices saw an increase of 54% in July from the same month last year while gas-powered cars were up just 10%.

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EV expert Kristin Slanina laid out the long-term benefits of electric fleet vehicles for an...

Hard Facts on Electric Vehicles Favor Fleet Usage

IARA Summer Roundtable: Electrification expert Kristin Slanina supercharged the annual consignors and remarketers conference with a step-by-step hopeful outlook for adopting, using, and reselling EVs.

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At its Vehicle Electrification and Environmental Test Center, Allison Transmission is able to...

Allison Transmission Introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Testing

Allison Transmission’s hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle testing capabilities expand in the development and deployment of hydrogen fuel cell and other alternative fuel options for the commercial vehicle industry.

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“By adopting a process where the company can use biofuel created through its own business model,...

Fleet to Use Biodiesel Made From Used Cooking Oil it Collects

For years, Restaurant Technologies has sold the used cooking oil it collects from restaurants to Renewable Energy Group to turn into biodiesel and renewable diesel. Now the company will use that biodiesel in its own fleet.

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Quantix will use the electric trucks to haul plastic in a drayage operation to the ports of...

Quantix Accepts EV Delivery for Drayage Operation

After COVID-19 pandemic-induced component shortages delayed delivery, Quantix has finally welcomed its first electric trucks.

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High-voltage components operate on an 800-volt platform, with batteries consisting of LFP...

Bollinger B4: A Medium-Duty Electric Truck

Bollinger Motors will track test B4 chassis cab trucks this fall with numerous fleet customers, upfitters, and charging companies to gather constructive feedback.

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GE’s Karno generator creates a solution that will be capable of operating on over 20 different...

Hyliion to Acquire GE Hydrogen and Fuel Agnostic Generator Tech

The acquisition pushes Hyliion toward its goal of releasing a fuel agnostic variant of its Hypertruck.

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Cummins X15N natural gas engine offers more power at a lighter weight than Cummins' 12L natural...

Cummins X15N Natural-Gas Engine to be Offered in Kenworth, Peterbilt Trucks

Paccar plans to offer the new Cummins X15N natural gas engine in Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, allowing fleets to achieve lower carbon emissions for long-haul transport using internal combustion engine technology.

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Black Book’s vehicle valuation is combined with Recurrent’s new Range Score value, which uses...

Recurrent, Black Book Team Up to Score and Value Used EVs

The companies are collaborating on an electric vehicle-specific valuation influenced by the condition of the battery, the most expensive part of an EV.

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