September 2013

Cover Story

2014-MY Expands Fleets' OEM Green Options

The 2014 model-year will see all-new hybrid, electric, extended-range electric, compressed natural gas (CNG), diesel, and even some highly fuel-efficient gasoline models.


5 Factors to Consider When Converting to an NGV Fleet

CenterPoint Energy began its natural gas initiative in 2011 and expects to have 85 natural gas...

With its lower cost, ability to reduce smog-producing pollutants, and its status as an abundant domestic fuel source, more fleets are looking at switching over to natural gas. There are five factors to consider before making the leap to the domestically produced alt fuel.


Paths to Propane Autogas

Lewis Pest Control uses a Prins bi-fuel propane autogas system, which starts on gasoline and...

Four fleets share their stories on the process of acquiring and converting vehicles to propane autogas and building their fueling infrastructure.


UPS Has an Alt-Fuel Ambition

A delivery truck driver of one of UPS’ 96,176 vehicles worldwide — including delivery trucks,...

UPS sets a new goal of driving 1 billion miles in alt-fuel vehicles by 2017, benefiting the environmental, social, and economical aspects of sustainability.


FedEx Sets New Environmental Goal

FedEx is using hybrid-electric and other alt-fuel vehicles to achieve its 2020 sustainability...

The package delivery giant exceeds its initial 2020 sustainability goals nearly eight years early through a combination of rightsizing, eco-driving techniques, and innovation. The company has upped its environmental ante by 50 percent.