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EPA Glider Truck Loophole Closed Temporarily by Court

Environmental groups successfully petitioned the court to stay an EPA decision not to enforce...

A federal court has granted a temporary stay that suspends the decision by the Environmental Protection Agency to not enforce for 2018 and 2019 a 300-unit production cap put in place on the manufacture of glider kits/vehicles that do not comply with Phase 2 GHG emission rules.


GM Fleet's 2019-MY Solutions Summit

General Motors Fleet's Solutions Summit drew more than 800 commercial, government, and daily...

More than 800 commercial, government, and daily rental fleet customers attended the General Motors Fleet 2019 Solutions Summit — an annual fleet preview that took place in May in Nashville, Tennessee.


Solar Panels Feasible for Tractors, Trailers, Says NACFE

Two tractors involved in an NACFE-sponsored fuel-economy test last fall had solar panels mounted...

Solar power makes sense for many commercial trucks, and in many applications, an investment in the right equipment can be paid back in roughly three years, says the North American Council for Freight Efficiency in its latest Confidence Report.