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Mercedes-Benz Announces Upgrades to Metris Van Family

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SEA Electric Achieves Patent for EV Tech

The SEA Hino 195 EV is powered by the company's SEA-Drive 120a power system, and offers 110 hp...

SEA Electric was granted patenting for its SEA-Drive technology in Australia. The ‘Management System for Commercial Electric Vehicles’ patent was granted on Feb. 28, 2020 after the initial submission in April 2017.


The EV100 Increases EV Fleet Adoption by 13%

This deployment of EVs for corporate fleets has pushed up members’ average progress by more than...

The Climate Group has more than doubled the number of EV100 members in the last year, and approximately 42,000 electric vehicles have been deployed across members corporate fleets, despite a lack of EV supply to meet demand.