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Biodiesel by the Numbers

Though quality checks and balances are the industry rule, Steven Levy of Sprague Energy...

Biodiesel offers a straightforward path to a greener fleet. Before implementing, choose the right blend, know all fueling options, and understand engine warranty and maintenance obligations.


On With the Show

Entertainment meets environmental awareness at Warner Bros. Studios, where Jonathan Rosenfeld is running some of his fleet’s largest vehicles on 20 percent biodiesel.


Las Vegas Fleet is 90 Percent Green

Biodiesel-powered street sweepers are among the 1,350 alt-fuel vehicles in the 1,500-unit Las...

Operating a 90-percent alternative-fuel fleet brings the City of Las Vegas to the forefront of the “going green” movement. The City utilizes its green fleet to prove alt-fuel viability.


Fleets Put Biodiesel to the Test

Propel Fuels has 11 Clean Fuel Points open at present in California and Washington state with...

Recent studies have shown that fleets using biodiesel have reported no significant differences in performance, maintenance, or fuel efficiency with biodiesel versus traditional diesel fuel.


Biodiesel: No Longer a Fringe Fuel

The availability of biodiesel-based fuels is growing, and industry-accepted standards have begun to ensure its quality from reputable suppliers. However, fleet managers should research the alternative fuel before use in their vehicles.