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'Going Green' to Save Green

Eliminating the need to clean with disposable towels, Driving Force Vehicle Rentals, Sales, and...

From paper and energy reduction plans to solar power, car rental operators are conserving resources and also benefitting their bottom line.


Creating an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Awash System Corp.'s portable car wash uses only three gallons of water to wash a car. Photo...

When looking for a more sustainable way to wash cars, consider making modifications such as washing cars less frequently, cleaning cars off-site at a local car wash, or installing an on-site wash that regulates or recycles the water.


Tank Choice Affects Alt-Fuel Efficiency

The advantages of propane autogas tanks, include the ability to get them in a number of shapes,...

While today’s lower cost of traditional fuels may have shrunk the market for alt-fuel vehicles, they can still make economic sense for light-duty fleets. One of the often-overlooked aspects to choosing the most efficient alt-fuel system is the choice of fuel tank.