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Next-Gen 2020 Corolla Adds Hybrid Model

Toyota's 2020 Corolla will enter its twelfth generation with a hybrid model and more standard...

Toyota's 2020 Corolla will enter its twelfth generation with new powertrain options, including a gasoline-electric hybrid model, and more standard safety technology, Toyota has announced.

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Wis. City to Buy Grant-Funded EVs

Madison is purchasing 20 Bolt electric cars.

The City of Madison, Wis., projects that buying 20 plug-in electric vehicles will save the city in fuel and maintenance costs as well as reduce emissions.


Coalition Forms to Spark EV Tax Credit

A new coalition is will lobby congressmembers for a renewal of the federal EV tax credit.

The EV Drive Coalition, which formed with a stated goal to reform the federal electric vehicle tax credit, announced its official launch as the U.S. Congress convenes for its lame duck session.