-  Image courtesy of Utilimarc

Image courtesy of Utilimarc

Utilities have a low percentage of alternative-fuel vehicles in their light-duty fleets, and the number has been decreasing, according to recently released data from Utilimarc.

The fleet data and telematics company analyzed light-duty vehicle data from 38 gas and electric utility companies, utilizing 2017 numbers. Of the 45,827 vehicles reviewed, only 6.2% of light-duty vehicles run on alternative fuel (defined as compressed natural gas, electric, and hybrid vehicles). Gasoline-powered vehicles are most common.

Between 2012 and 2017, the number of alternative-fuel vehicles decreased by 11.4%. The only year it saw a slight increase compared to the prior year was in 2017.

While utility fleets are buying more hybrid and electric sedans, this class only makes up 7.4% of the light-duty utility fleet. Vans make up 12.6%, SUVs make up 14.9%, and pickup trucks make up 64.9%.

“We believe in order to truly electrify the industry’s light-duty fleet, original equipment manufacturers will have to offer a competitive alternative to traditional pickups, vans, and SUVs. Until that happens, gas fleets will be unstoppable,” the company concluded.

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