McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing is offering a high-capacity back-of-the-cab 88-diesel gallon equivalent version of its McNeilus NGEN compressed natural gas system for Class 7 and 8 trucks.

The 88 DGE system is designed as a lightweight, high-capacity option for municipalities and construction vehicles with dump body configurations that require a lower profile. The NGEN brand system’s design features 50% fewer fitting connections and 25% fewer plumbing components. Three Luxfer G-Stor Go type 4 cylinders reduce the overall weight of the system while minimizing the height to meet lower-clearance specifications.

Each cylinder is fitted with a Luxfer G-Flo One-Turn Valve that extends vehicle range by providing more usable gas at the required flow rate and increases the filling flow rate. A dedicated pressure-relief device system spans the full length of each cylinder and provides continuous heat protection.

The system features a fully-enclosed structure with easy access door, o-ring face seal connections and CNC formed high pressure lines. McNeilus has plans to build off of the design to make the system scalable with custom capacity options.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online