Cummins Onan's compact 5.5-kilowatt compressed natural gas (CNG) generator provides auxiliary electric and optional hydraulic power for CNG-powered commercial truck fleets.

These service fleets need auxiliary 120/240-volt power to run power drills, fans, pumps, and other equipment, power which until now was available only from gasoline-powered generator sets that required a separate fuel tank.

The Cummins Onan generator produces 5.5-kilowatts at 60 Hz, 120/240 volts, single-phase. These installed generators provide instant power and the optional convenience of a combined generator/vehicle fuel tank. The new unit has an enclosed muffler and exhaust catalysts that help it meet all applicable EPA and CARB air quality standards.

It also features self-diagnosis capability to simplify troubleshooting, and digital voltage regulation for voltage and frequency stability. As an option, the unit is available with a hydraulic PTO to operate small cranes, splicing equipment, and bucket hoists, while simultaneously providing electric power.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online