Crosspoint Kinetics, a subsidiary of Cummins Crosspoint, develops and delivers solutions that conserve, capture and reuse energy for the benefit of customers and their communities. Kinetics is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., with an advanced technology center in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and features a unique team of engineers and program experts who are trained to deliver products that can be adopted easily and practically by users.

Kinetics’ is set to launch a second-generation parallel-electric hybrid system for small para-transit bus, shuttle bus and package delivery applications. Crosspoint Kinetics’ hybrid system leverages evolved designs and technologies with improvements in durability and control software. The system simply interfaces to a vehicle, making it easier to access hybrid advantages including acceleration performance, less fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Saving fuel, reducing emissionsand increasing brake life is what the Kinetics’ hybrid is all about. It also happens to be the most affordable hybrid power system on the market, and it’s a real workhorse. It automatically adds torque ahead of the engine to boost acceleration, and then conserves energy normally lost in the braking process. It’s also more than 500 lbs. lighter than many alternative systems because instead of batteries, it uses ultra-capacitors to store energy. It’s the perfect fit for new and existing fleets, and it can be moved from one vehicle to another.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online