Alternative fuel manufacturers across the spectrum are currently auditioning for a role to take the big stage. Whether it’s electric, natural gas or propane autogas — all are vying for the lead.

 But to claim that role, you need to know your audience.

  • What tools does your company have in place to gain feedback from your current and future customers?
  • Where does the feedback go when your company receives it?
  • How does your company utilize the feedback to make a better product?

Here are a few solutions to those questions:

  • Allow your customers to visit your facilities and speak directly with your team. I don’t mean your sales staff, but the engineers, operations, executives and more.
  • Start a hotline to provide immediate service to those with operating and maintenance questions.
  • Regularly survey your customers. You will learn so much more by asking and listening. For example, when a recent customer voiced that the miles per gallon with propane autogas were less than expected, we realized we needed to demonstrate more efficient operation. We held driver-training sessions to show customers how to maximize fuel economy and earn greater miles per gallon.
  • Utilize the growing field of telematics to provide conclusive “real” data.

Deliver above and beyond expectations — and do it transparently.

Are you poised and ready for opening night? The stage is calling, and alternative fuels should snag the leading role.

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Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

President, Roush Products

Joe Thompson is the president of Roush Products and formerly served as president of ROUSH CleanTech since the company’s inception in 2010.

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