During a presentation at the Propane Engine Fuel Summit, I discussed propane technology advancement through the years.

Propane, called autogas when used as an engine fuel, has been moving vehicles for a century. And during those 100 years, it's had the same chemical makeup, three parts carbon to eight parts hydrogen — known as C3H8.

The chemistry may be the same, but the technology that harnesses the power of autogas has come a long, long way.

Of course, we need to keep advancing that technology, and we will. But just as important, we must make headway with quality and customer service.

At ROUSH CleanTech, we have implemented a dedicated quality control system that allows us to have a 97.7 percent first time through-rate for manufacturing capability of our equipment. "Poka yoke," or mistake proofing, means equipment pieces are designed so that they cannot be installed wrong. All pieces meet quality standards and pass leak checks before being issued a ROUSH CleanTech "birth certificate." 

With quality production processes in place, we can focus on making sure our customers are satisfied with their product and service. By purchasing product from a company with an established quality control system, our customers come back again and again.

Propane technology has advanced over the years, but more importantly, the processes to maintain quality products and satisfied customers have also evolved.

What is your company and industry doing to eliminate errors, and is it working for you? I'd like to know.

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Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

President, Roush Products

Joe Thompson is the president of Roush Products and formerly served as president of ROUSH CleanTech since the company’s inception in 2010.

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